Accomplishments and looking to tomorrow

I have accomplished quite a bit today. Tomorrow will be primarily consumed with a funeral and any time I have left will be spent cleaning house and cooking. I would like to get some more supplies to finish some of my Christmas craft projects but that will have to wait until Wednesday morning when I take Charlotte to school. And tonight, I just want to put the sheets on my bed and then climb in it!! Trying to get on a housecleaning schedule and today was sheets and laundry. Without a to-do list, my day often gets lost, which happened a little today but it was a good kinda lost with crafts with Carlee and still getting some needed duties done.
I realized today how much laughing with my husband is essential to our marriage. Yesterday, we celebrated 23 years of marriage and tonight we laughed so hard I thought I would pee my pants!! You know those moments that you can’t really retell because no one would really understand but yet they are so hilarious you will never forget them?? Well we had a couple of those moments tonight and they will keep me smiling for a few days.
Well, good night, bloggers and followers. I hope it was a good day for you and tomorrow brings you many smiles and maybe even some belly-aching laughter!!


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