Christmas and busyness ramblings

This year is definitely different for me, because my life is so much different. I have never been one to really decorate for Christmas but more people see my house now, especially the outside, so I do think it is important for it to be decorated in a seasonally appropriate manner. This presents quite a challenge for me with all the other things happening around here to try to not spend a HUGE amount of time AND money to decorate but to still have something nice and attractive to place on the porch, on the mantle and just around. We have not put up a Christmas tree in as long as I can remember and I have no desire for one nor do I want to overwhelm this small house with decorations. So I am trying to keep it simple!! And easy!
So today, I am not working on decorating for the house, but getting ready for the “Hanging of the Green” which happens at Oil Center PHC this Friday night. As I have never seen this done, I am kinda going blind but I am headed out to lay out all the decorations for this Christmas season and see what needs to be replaced, what should go where and if we have enough (I really don’t think this will be a problem.) I REALLY want to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow but…. not sure that will work out. I at least would like to go to the other house and get some of my decorations out of the building and see what I have. NOW that MAY work out tomorrow!! Or I may do BOTH and go by the Davis house on my way to or from Norman. EITHER WAY, I need some decorations!!


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