Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. I woke up with a beautiful new hairstyle. I visited with some beautiful people. I came home to my beautifully messy house (oxymoron there) cleaned a little, picked up my beautiful love-adopted daughter, went to town with my beautiful husband (men can be beautiful too) so he could get a beautiful new hairstyle, came home and made some beautiful things (pictures to come later) and now I am wanting to get some beauty sleep so tomorrow can be even more beautiful!!

Today, though, was a little saddening. I heard the news that some friends of ours lost their mother/grandmother. She had been in a house fire and her husband had died in the fire (their father/grandfather) but she was seeming to get better and then just suddenly died. This family has been through so much and they are such sweet, giving people. My heart is really heavy for them in their time of sadness. But even this is beautiful, because she was a woman who lived a good life, taught her children/grandchildren about God’s love and loved her family fiercely. There will be a BEAUTIFUL reunion in heaven someday!! Rest in peace, Bernice Bernard.


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