Parties, books and dates!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been 10 days since I have blogged!! I have been crazy busy with preparations for a Christmas party at the church. It is my first time and I think I went a little nuts with decorating and stuff but some of the crafts will play double duty because I will take them to my house and use them. I made 2 wreaths tonight that I am pretty proud of actually!! I love to make wreaths!! I made a purple one that will look fantastic on my door. All the centerpieces will be given away as door prizes!  Very excited!! Next I have our Christmas sacks to get all the stuff bought for and then Nathan’s family Christmas is here and the day before that is a party for ministers and their wives. So many parties and then I have the Christmas program which I MAY plan the piano for part of it and also have the lead part in the Christmas play which is a little scary. BUT it will all work out if I just keep prioritized and realize that some things just have to wait. Getting overwhelmed is always a big thing for me but if I don’t get caught up in small stuff, I do okay!
On another note, I stayed up very late the other night reading a book by Diane Moody called “Blue Like Elvis.” Obviously, it was a good book, because I read it in one sitting. And the first book I read of hers “Blue Christmas” I read the same way. I can’t really figure out what is so intriguing about them. They are not super suspenseful but I couldn’t put them down!! Hmmm!! I always like to discover what makes a novel so interesting, and I know it depends a lot on the reader, but some writing is definitely more captivating!!
Anyway, getting rid of the satellite TV has definitely been a good thing. I am getting much more accomplished AND I do read more now. I love a good story. I think the whole world does, that is why TV is so popular.
Well, it is now 12 a.m. on 12/12/12. WOW!! A date that will not recur for 100 years! But come think of it, no date will recur for 100 years!! We make a big deal out of these dates because they are repetitive and catchy, but 12/11/12 won’t happen again for 100 years!! Hmmm!! Just a thought!! From my crazy mind!!


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