When Sin Sneaks In (Blog 1 of 3)

You think you got it together. Of course, you wouldn’t say that aloud but in your mind, you are comfortable and secure in your relationship with Christ. Sure, you could pray and read your Bible more, but who couldn’t? And maybe you are a little cold, but you go to church every time the doors are open, pretty much, and you listen to the preacher, most of the time.
And THEN, you find yourself floundering. That temptation that you didn’t ignore as much as you should, that you didn’t pray away, well, it grows in your mind. Maybe you just start by thinking about it, or maybe it is just one of those things that just happens. You SIN! Maybe it is a lie, or maybe it is jealousy that grows in your heart, or maybe it is lust or materialism (same thing really just lusting after something instead of someone). You may fight it for awhile, but you know you have sinned! One thing about sin, it just seems to grow if you don’t just slam the door, shoot it, stomp on it, get it out!! Even a lie! It will just kinda spiral. And jealousy-it’ll burn a hole right through you and eat you up from the inside out. It will create bitterness and hatred and literally can make you SICK!! And lust, in whatever form, whether for someone or something(s) will destroy your life completely, if you let it go. One sin begats another sin and it will just keep on digging you into a hole you feel like you can’t get out of.
I have watched sin destroy many lives, people very close to me and then people I didn’t even know very well. I have even watched the seeds of sin grow in my life. I don’t want to pretend like I am the perfect person and never am tempted or let sin sneak in. You know, honestly, sin doesn’t usually sneak; it just feels that way sometimes. We really let it in. We hold the door wide open and just say “Come on in.” It may not seem that way at the moment but when you look back with your eyes wide open, then you can see it. That open door, that invitation. You make excuses. You try to justify yourself. You keep telling yourself you will turn around, that you will stop being jealous, tell the truth, stop spending money, stop wanting that thing or that person, whatever it is, you think you can handle it-until it happens again.


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