How do I GET OUT OF HERE??? (2 of 3)

So you’ve sinned again!! Whether it be a lie or an ongoing sin, we all have sinned! Even after beginning a relationship with Christ, we find ourselves messed up in things we should not be! We really know how we get there: we stop listening, praying, being intimate with God. I mentioned some sins in my last post because I believe those are some of the sins that people struggle with often. Lying, lust (whether after a person or things), and jealousy are just three of the things we all seem to struggle with and if you think you don’t, be careful, that temptation may be RIGHT around the corner.
So what to do with this awful thing on our hands? How do we get out of sin? Oh, it sounds so easy to just ask God to forgive you and move on, but it is WORK to move out of that sin. The more ingrained you are in that habit of sin, the harder it is to dig out. Lying will lead to more sins, if not immediately dealt with. Lust begins in the mind and when it develops into action it make a mess of everything. Sin begats sin. When caught overspending, often lying is the response. Sin must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY.
“But,” you say, “I didn’t deal with it immediately and it has grown and I am in a mess.” THERE IS STILL HELP!! THERE IS ALWAYS HELP!! Whether at the onset of sin or in the middle of its devastation and confusion, help comes from CRYING out to God. No matter what, we must cry out to Him!! Renewing that communication and intimate relationship with God must be our TOP PRIORITY!! Sometimes we wonder if He will hear us but He does. Sometimes, at first, when we are crying out to Him, we may be just doing it out of desperation, but if we keep crying and keep talking to Him and seeking Him for help, He actually will work in our hearts to see our SIN not just our situation!! And HE WILL HELP!!
But calling out to Him once or twice in desperation will not free us from sin. When caught up in sin, it is often difficult to be truly SORRY for your sin. We might be sorry that we are in the mess, or that we got caught, but true repentance comes from godly sorrow. Seeing the sin as a slap in God’s face and as a direct breaking of our relationship with Him is extremely important. Our relationships with others are precious and often the threat of the loss of those relationships is what sends us to cry out to God, but true godly sorrow, which brings repentance, comes from facing our actions and seeing them as what they are: SIN. Saying, “I have sinned and I don’t want to sin anymore” and truly meaning it is the first step to being free. But often we are just saying, “I have sinned and now I don’t want to get caught, so God help me out of this mess.”
I have seen many people, caught up in sin, come to church and pray at the altar and cry and then just walk right back out into sin. Sin is an addiction and until we realize that, we will not truly be free. I have struggled with addiction in my life in many forms and I realize more and more everyday that the answer is simple: BECOME ADDICTED TO GOD! The Bible talks about TURNING FROM sin, but what we turn TO is of all importance!! We must turn to God! Often times we turn to other things, or people and the sin is just hidden or we step into sin in another form. People or things will NOT meet our needs and often we turn back to our addiction, worse off than we first started.


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