Get out of that PIT!! (3 of 3)

When you have sinned, and realized your guilt for YOUR SIN, you can begin to move forward. Moving forward is essential and neccessary to our Christian relationships but many times when we sin, we just can’t seem to get past the sin and guilt. The forgiveness of sin comes from God in a moment, when we truly repent and ask for Jesus’ blood to wash us white as snow. BUT sometimes, we don’t feel white-we still feel black and dirty because we can’t let go of the sin. And maybe, it is a sin that we are continuing to struggle and struggle with. Lust, in any form, often gets a pretty good grip on our hearts and lives and will make us a mess before we even realize what is happening. And breaking free from that addiction to lust or even that jealousy takes the power of God. AND PERSISTENCE!!
If you are stuck in sin or stuck in guilt or just stuck in neutral in your relationship with God, crying out to Him, talking to Him, reading His Word, immersing yourself in His presence IS THE ANSWER!! And it is also the deterrent to more sin!!
The type of communication I am talking about here is intimate and corporate. It is important to our Christian walk to develop a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are often so guilt-ridden after getting caught up in sin that we limit our communication with God. But the opposite is what is needed. He already knows what we have done and although He forgives it and forgets it when we ask Him to, He feels the grief in our hearts and wants us to share ALL our feelings with Him. When we feel ourselves slipping back into sin or when we are tempted, we need to admit to God that we are tempted! Corporate communication is also vital to our relationship with Christ. Let me say here that I do NOT say this because I am a pastor’s wife!! I say this from personal and observed experience. People who do NOT participate in corporate worship, corporate prayer, corporate service, do NOT usually thrive in their relationships with God. YES, there are exceptions to every rule but do NOT think that you are the exception! You are probably the rule!! Going to a gathering of other Christians and talking about God and His grace,love, and mercy in our times of failure and in our times of triumph is essential to walking successfully and powerfully in the way God would have us to. I have watched and am currently watching many people try to “go it on their own” for one reason or another and I want to shake them and wake them up to the reality that WE NEED CORPORATE WORSHIP!!
Communicating with God daily-which means listening to Him, not just talking, reading His Word and communicating with Him in a corporate body is the way out of sin and the way AWAY from sin. What takes you out of sin will keep your from sin. The book of Jude says the God is able to keep us from falling. But we have to hold onto His hand, let Him hold onto our hearts and protect them from Satan’s devices and our own innate failures.

I hope this blog series has helped someone. I have fel this very strongly while I have written it and my heart is broken by the toll I see sin taking on people’s lives. Jesus came to FREE us from sin and we need to live in that FREEDOM. If you sin, don’t wallow there, GET UP, GET AHOLD OF GOD and KEEP ON HOLDING ON!!


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