The Leader and I

A successful follower will listen only to the voice of the Leader. He will not be deterred by other voices calling out for him to look here or there. He will not heed those who try to push or pull at him from every side. He will not let the music and madness of the world enter his mind, nor will he allow the visions of carnage and lust pull him from his goal. No, he will not look upon these things, but will keep his focus on the Leader. When the Leader walks through brambles and bushes, a successful follower will continue to walk the path, not seeking a way around. If the way gets steep, the follower will depend upon the Leader for strength to climb. He will draw from the Spirit and energy of the Leader to continue on. This is not a quiet walk, but a conversation between the Leader and follower, full of instruction and education, encouragement and wisdom.

Why do I so often turn from this conversation and let the voices of this world drown out the voice of my Savior? He speaks to me every day, many times a day, and yet I feel so proud of myself when I obey once in a while. I let small things in, without asking Him for instruction and then I am surprised when they draw me away from the path He wants me to walk. But He is there, always calling to me, quietly waiting for me to come back to the Way so that we may continue on in our conversation. He gently leads and guides, by His voice, by His eye, through His Spirit, giving me strength and sustenance, encouraging, loving, reprimanding, and at times, even coaxing me with His rod and staff. He is the Good Shepherd, a friend that sticks closer than any relative, the Supreme Leader, MY LORD.

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