How we love

The David Crowder Band has a song called, “How He Loves.” It speaks of the way God loves us, unconditionally, without reserve, with no respect of persons. Sometimes His love is almost violent and like a hurricane, pushing us back on the right path, correcting us, exciting us, claiming us completely. Many times it is like a soft warm blanket, fresh from the dryer, comforting and encompassing, soothing our hurts, encouraging our hearts. Always, though, God loves us for who we are, even when He hates our deeds.
How do we love? J.J. Heller sings a song which includes these lyrics, “Who will love me for me/Not for what I have done/Or what I will become/Who will love me for me/’Cause nobody has shown me what love/What love really means.”
I believe this song is the cry of many people who cross our paths everyday. They are searching for love that does not condemn. Love that sees past the sins to the person, the creation, the soul headed in the wrong direction. Love that sees into the spirit and sees the hurt, the pain, the emptiness and reaches out anyway!
Do I love that way? I ask myself that question often. I want to think that I see people for who they are, not for their sins but I know many times, my heart judges then from the outset and I fail to reach out in any way. I fail to smile at the person who smells REALLY bad at Wal-Mart. I fail to offer help to people because I am so focused on my own task and my own list that must be checked off. I often don’t even see them! I just miss them, blinded by my own agendas, my own little issues.
May my heart be turned, my eyes be opened to really SEE people! Really look at their hearts and not just at their actions.


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