What is IMPORTANT vs. What is URGENT

I don’t know about tomorrow but I know who holds my hand! Just laying here thinking about all the things I need to do tomorrow and how I’m going to fit them all into the day. That song popped into my head! I’ve been amazed amd humbled lately by how God has helped me to not stress and to order my days more efficiently. Not to say that I have it all together but I am learning that some of the things that I think are so urgent and need to be done RIGHT NOW really can wait! I am learning what is TRULY IMPORTANT!
A family in our church has been dealing with their father/husband being in the hospital this last week and I have thought and prayed about the situation several times. They own a business and have busy lives just like the rest of us, but during this time they have all worked together to make sure things get done so the mom could be with her husband while he is in the hospital. What is really IMPORTANT is getting done! And what often seems so urgent (work, laundry, phone calls, etc) has had to just fall in place when it could be dealt with.
And I have realized that I must live life constantly assessing the true IMPORTANCE of each task and put it in its proper place!! Not based on its apparent urgency but on its inherent IMPORTANCE! There are always the tasks of the day that will have to be dealt with AND they HAVE importance but must be placed in their proper context!
I’m so very glad that God cares enough about my TO DO lists to rearrange them and edit them according to His will! Just gotta let go and let Him have control!


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