What is a Blog?

Cortney and I have been watching the TV show “Sherlock” while she has been on vacation. (Don’t you just love Netflix?!?) The show is set in modern times, still in London but the Dr. Watson on the show is a blogger!! He writes about the cases that Sherlock Holmes and himself investigate and even some that they turn down.
In the pilot episode, Dr. John Watson’s therapist tells him that writing about his everyday life will help him to overcome his post-traumatic stress disorder and return to a normal life after being a soldier in Afghanistan. He asks her what he should write about and she says, “Write about everything that happens to you.”
To which he replies, “Nothing ever happens to me.”
This simple statement and my recent lack of writing has bothered me all day. In writing, as in life, is it really WHAT happened that matters to us or is how we feel about what happened.
There are so many different types of blogs. In one day, I might read a blog on cooking (ok several), a blog on movies, a blog on marriage, a blog on parenting, one on homeschooling, one about blogging…. I think you get the point. And there are all the blogs about Christian living that just quote authors or have encouragement in living for God.
So what is a blog?
I think, most of the time, it is a peek into someone’s mind. At least the part of that particular person’s mind that they will let you peek into. I think that sometimes as blog readers, we think we are being voyeurs. We like the story of someone’s life and glimpsing the reaction the writer had to their day.
That is why Faceboook is so popular, I believe. We want to see inside each other’s lives, hoping to get a little glimpse of their heart and mind. We want to feel a part of the story. The big story! The Story of the World! The Story of people connected together in infinite little ways but yet often feeling so distant.

Maybe, I have been watching too many episodes of “Touch.”


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