It’s All in Your Head

Psychosomatic disorders are growing in number everyday. The mind is a powerful thing. I believe that the mind can heal the body better and with more efficiency than any drug. In a previous post, I wrote about talking ourselves into sin, but sometimes I think I am too vague in my posts. Being practical and applicable is very important to me.
I self-talk A LOT!! Yes, I talk to myself!! Most of the time!! When I am confronted with a temptation or with a confusing situation, I talk to myself!! And I pray!! Sometimes, I talk to myself too much and I should be talking to God. But when I know that the thing that I am wrestling with is sin, I don’t really have to ask God’s opinion, I know what He would want me to do!! Oftentimes, though, I don’t think His will is really mine!! You know, we, as Christians, pray “Not my will but thine, Oh Lord,” but really living that out, is something different entirely!! We need to be sure we really mean what we pray and truly work to live it out.
Since I self-talk so much, I am learning that the things I say to myself are somewhat self-fulfilling. If I tell myself that I am happy and content, I am much more likely to feel that way than if I focus on the bad things in my life. Now this is not lying to myself, because I am ultimately the one who decides if I am happy or content!!
Many people believe that they cannot change the way that they feel, but I believe that is a copout. We can affect our feelings and emotions by the things that we focus on and the information that we allow to settle in our minds. If we constantly focus on the negative, we will become negatively minded. If we focus on good things as the Bible tells us to, (Philippians 4:8) we will begin to have the emotions attached to those things. Our thoughts do control our emotions.
When we do not feel like we can change our own thoughts and we find ourselves burdened down with negative emotions, we MUST turn to God and let Him do the work that we cannot do ourselves. But turning to Him is our choice. Changing your mind, changing your thought patterns is ultimately YOUR CHOICE!!

And more about choices later. CHANGE YOUR MIND!!

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