This moment

I have had this thought running around in my head for awhile now, but last week, it seemed to be echoing back to me from everywhere. “Live in this moment.”

There is a saying that is very popular right now, “You only live once” YOLO!
Well that is all fine and dandy but people use it for an excuse to do crazy things! And so I don’t want anyone to misunderstand and think that I am advocating just living for the moment, with no thought for the future. Anyone who knows me very well knows that I struggle MUCH MUCH more with trying to plan my whole life in one day than doing something crazy and stupid in one day.

Planning out your whole life, day after day is tiresome!! And most of the time, because I am so busy looking toward the future, I lose sight of the present moment and miss out on some very important things.

Some people do not have the problem of looking toward the future but living in the past. A friend of mine said that most people miss what is because they are too concerned with what could have been or what could be.

After God had been dealing heavily with me to live in the moment, a very dear friend of mine prayed over me last week and asked God to help me to just stop!! Just stop!! Breathe!! And live!

So that is what I have been trying to do.

It is more difficult than you might think.

At least it is for me.

A perfect example happened in church yesterday morning, as I catch myself running through my huge TO-DO list while my husband is preaching. I had to stop and make myself focus on this present moment and what God was trying to say to me right now!! It took several tries and much discipline for me to just enjoy that moment, that service, that blessing without thinking, looking, wondering about later that day and tomorrow and even three or four weeks ahead!! Haven’t I learned by now that many of the things that I think, worry and plan over NEVER happen?!?!

I wonder if that is why we don’t  experience more connection with the Spirit of God. We often can’t keep our minds focused on Him long enough for Him to move in our hearts and sync up with our spirits! I think about my internet connection here at the airport and how long it takes to connect. I wonder if we don’t get disgusted with God because it is taking too long for Him to speak or move but really the connection is slow on our end? Do we close the connection right before the breakthrough that we need? Do we let our minds wander so much at the altar so we are really just thinking and planning our lives while kneeling with very little input from the Creator?!

Lord, help to just breath and simply live each moment to the fullest. Help me to take pleasure in the day, the  hour and the minute that you have provided for me. After all, time is all yours anyway!! Let me look each moment for your handiwork, for your direction, not focused on the future or the past but accepting this gift of NOW!


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