How is your leaven?

I am making bread today and of course, I am starting out a little late. I add the warm water and the sugar to the mixing bowl, allowing the sugar to dissolve, helping it along by mixing it a little faster than normal. Then to add the all important yeast.
The yeast smells good and yeasty as I measure it into the water. I give it a quick stir by pushing a button. I love the smell of yeast. Good memories surge through my mind at that small and I sigh just a little at the quick comfort it brings. My sort of drug!
So I walk away and let the yeast proof up for a little bit. I never really time it, just check back on it once and awhile.
Today it seems like it is taking a long time.
Maybe because I am in a hurry (as usual).
It’s almost 4 p.m. and I should really have had the bread started an hour ago!

As I monitor the yeast, I begin to think about the wonderful, miracle working substance. It is something I have thought about several times, but I don’t think I have ever written about it.

Yeast adds air. In the Bible it is called leaven. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. The other word for leaven is lighten because yeast produces air, under the right conditions.
Yeast and the Holy Ghost remind me of each other.
They both bring comfort to me, just through their closeness.
They both are powerful, yet subtle. They don’t call out for great attention but without them, the other ingredients lose life.
And when they are missing, it is obvious.

This yeast doesn’t seem to be producing the results I would like it to. Not bubbling up and producing the air that will make the bread rise into fluffy loaves or rolls.
It’s missing some power.

That’s how my life is sometimes. More often than I would like to admit.
Lifeless, airless, bland and flat.
Because I am missing out on the power that comes from connecting with the Holy Ghost.

I teach about it. Listen to preaching about it. But I long for that connection. That power, that strength that gives me the ability to live the life I know is within me. That God-life. The Holy Ghost hides my life in Christ.

But without that connection, that hook up, that infusion of the Holy Ghost, I live my own life. My messy, messed up, out of whack, unproductive life.

Doing the same thing and thinking you are going to get different results is the definition of insanity but sometimes that is just what I do!! Over and over, God’s Word or maybe some Christian music and think that is enough to really make my life rise.

But the leaven must be consistent, not sporadic.

Oh Lord, help me consistently lean on You, depend on Your POWER, seek YOUR will, and do YOUR bidding!!


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