To Make it Last, Keep it First

I watch them and think they have been married so long that they lost each other somewhere along the way. They sit silently and she eats her lasagna and he sips his wine in silence. And I wonder if there is hope… but then he hands her the maraschino cherry from his ice cream sunday and my hope is renewed. He listens to her chatter and responds with nods and answers that shows he is really listening! Maybe it takes 25 years plus to really understand each other! Maybe people just don’t hold on long enough. You gotta make it through the kids years, the years of career building, house hunting, finance worrying, and college funding! Maybe it’s after all the weddings and when the house is emptied of kids that you figure it all out. You figure out who each other is and that it was ALL worth while!! Maybe you realize that sharing an ice cream Sunday is wonderful and normal and to just love those little moments!
I look at all the couples with little children and want to tell them not to forget the other adult person at the table. Sometime down the road, that those little people will be gone and you gotta have a connection, a love,a relationship with that other adult that will last!! Don’t forget them! Don’t lose that connection! It is IMPORTANT!


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