Love and Life Analogies

There seem to be many analogies about love and life. And I think mostly, they are interchangeable. One of my favorite analogies is the one comparing a recipe to life or love. The ingredients by themselves aren’t all that tasty, some more yuck than others. Like yeast. Not so great by itself, but when put in with some sugar, flour, water and butter and the proper conditions to work together, the outcome is wonderful, yummy bread. Bread loaf

Life is also like a well-written book. There are sentences that are absolutely wonderful and they can stand alone. And then there are sentences and words that by themselves are just not great but when put together, they make a great story that can inspire and change lives. 

read-booksBut probably my favorite is the analogy of life and art, preferably a tapestry. Moments, good and bad, light and dark, woven together into a beautiful piece of art. When you look at each thread, some might seem mundane and dull by themselves, although they are golden beautiful threads that are just stunning in their luminosity and light on their own. When properly woven together, they create an amazing life that has depth and feeling and brings beauty to all who see it.

napthal%20circular%20print%20tapestry%20in%20blues%20and%20various%20colorsRelationships are life and life is relationships. We are made to have relationships!! Made in the image of God, we are designed to be in fellowship with others. God created us that we might have a relationship with Him. And relationships are messy! And sometimes UGLY!! We get aggravated at ourselves and others, do hurtful things, say hurtful words and it gets ugly. 

But I choose to look at the beautiful moments more and to realize that the ugly and the beautiful can all work together for AWESOMENESS when we let God do the weaving. Each moment, each thread, even the absolutely dark and ugly ones, work together in the tapestry to make a stunning picture of God’s grace, mercy and artistry!!