A Million Miles Away

A million miles away is where I would like to be. But could I walk away from everyone? Could I leave this life, the life I thought I had made, to try to make a new one? Would it be any better? A million miles away.

Where would that be, a million miles from this little town. Somewhere big and beautiful or Never Never Land, so small no map would tell? Would China be a million miles? Let’s see, that place I used to call home is 2500 miles from here, yeah, China, that must be a million miles from me.

Maybe, a million miles walking in one direction, no turns, no twists, just consistently walking would be… would it be, right here, in this same small town, with these same small problems that seem so huge today? But if I walked a million miles, these problems would seem so insignificant in comparison to my aching feet.

But today, it is my heart that aches. Though, I will smile and try to go on, I just want to cry and cry and maybe just walk away….

But instead, I think and write and thing about what it would mean to be a million miles away. And decide to stay.