A Stormy Night

Lightning flashes in the skylightning flash
Electric crackling in the air
Thunder closer with each minute
We unplug from the rest of the world
To enjoy the real world
This moment
With my love by my side
Dogs at our feet
The old one,
Sire to many,
close and trembling
His long-time fear
well founded
wounded by a loud bullet from a mean neighbor’s  gun.
Momma dog
hiding from her puppies,
Except for the one that followed her here
The cute little runt
I should take that puppy back to the barn
Before she thinks this is home


The rain pours down
Slow at first
The fire we started
Valiantly fighting against the rain
Tucking itself under the pile of brush
I collected today
Struggling to ignite
To burn bright


But the rain
And wind will win
Coals hiding
Buried in ash
Waiting for the storm
To pass



I can never deserve His love

—No one can

But He longs for me to go past

the unworthiness

To a place

Where I can see clearly

His Glory

His Love

His Grace

He longs for me to see

the Perfect in Me

The Part of me that is Him

The Breath

The Spirit

That part I so often forget

When on my knees

—I sometimes catch a glimpse

That Perfect Part of Me

That my Groom has always seen

Lord, help me to see You in Me!!

Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost

—who comes to me

Wooing me

Moving me to




Only through You can the Truth be fully understood

Only through You can my heart ever begin to conceive

the Praise that my Lord desires.

Without you

how could I ever begin to say

the words that would bring

The Lover of my Soul to me?

Use me

Complete me

Speak through me

Never let me take for granted

Your Sweet Ecstasy

Holy Ghost

—Fill me

A Million Miles Away

A million miles away is where I would like to be. But could I walk away from everyone? Could I leave this life, the life I thought I had made, to try to make a new one? Would it be any better? A million miles away.

Where would that be, a million miles from this little town. Somewhere big and beautiful or Never Never Land, so small no map would tell? Would China be a million miles? Let’s see, that place I used to call home is 2500 miles from here, yeah, China, that must be a million miles from me.

Maybe, a million miles walking in one direction, no turns, no twists, just consistently walking would be… would it be, right here, in this same small town, with these same small problems that seem so huge today? But if I walked a million miles, these problems would seem so insignificant in comparison to my aching feet.

But today, it is my heart that aches. Though, I will smile and try to go on, I just want to cry and cry and maybe just walk away….

But instead, I think and write and thing about what it would mean to be a million miles away. And decide to stay.